July Colorwork Project: Mystery No More

July 26, 2014

The final clue of the Knit Purl Hunter’s Progressive Needles Mystery KAL came out yesterday and it turned out to be a quick clue to finish!

photo 1

This pattern was a lot of fun to work on; between the colorwork and cables, we couldn’t be bored. The corkscrew cables aren’t nearly as hard as they look, but at the same time, it is still a challenging project. (This probably isn’t the best pattern to learn colorwork on, though it’s a great project to work up to.)

We are still smitten with HiKoo Simplicity and it was a wonderful yarn to use for this hat. With all of the colors available, there are hundreds of possibilities of color combinations. Have you checked out what other people have done?

Michelle Hunter’s instructions for this pattern were very clear. If something didn’t quite make sense, there were video and image tutorials and links to show step-by-step what to do.

Remember, you have a chance to win a set of Addi Clicks from Skacel, so make sure to get your entry in! If you haven’t started your hat, there’s still time–the contest is open through August 15.

What did think about this hat?


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