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New Dale Books

November 17, 2013

Dale is known for its classic Norwegian colorwork patterns, and these new books do not disappoint.

photo 1(1)In fact, these books are a bit unique for Dale because the colowork patterns are so large. Many of our current patterns by the company offer only a small colowork motif – these do not skimp. Every inch of the sweater is accounted for.

photo 3 photo 2(1)

I am particularly fond of this striped sweater – darling for boys and girls alike.

We also received a book featuring the official jumpers for the Norwegian ski team from 1956-2010. It’s so fun to see how the designs have morphed over the years, and to be able to take a look at some of these old photos.

photo 1(3) photo 2(2) photo 1(4)

The designs are so classic – so appropriate now as well as then.

photo 3(1)

I love this design from 1972. Groovy!

photo 2(3)

This sweater from 1988 looks almost identical to a Norwegian sweater my mom used to wear in the 90s.

photo 3(2)

Streamlined in ’06.

These books are worth a look, even if you don’t plan to make any of them, just for the pictures. Come on in and take a look! Hopefully, someone will knit one of these – they are totally gorgeous.

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