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Malabrigo Trunk Show

June 27, 2013
MalaTS2013 Sweater MalaTS2013 Frida

The Malabrigo Trunk Show is full of beautiful knit items from Malabrigo’s Books One through Four. The books feature sweaters, hats (like the one below), vests, tunics, and socks in a variety of weights. Perfect for any season of Duluth weather!

Stop by today to check out the knitted garments and pick up a copy of the books to complete your collection. It ends today!

MalaTS2013 Hat 2


Beer Tasting Knit Night: Success!

June 23, 2013

Friday night was our first Beer Tasting Knit Night. We sampled four beers from Lake Superior Brewing Company beer and knit and laughed the night away.

Beer Tasting NightThere was a great crowd and we had fun pairing each beer with yarn. North Shore Wheat is great with pizza (according to Lake Superior Brewing Company), but we thought it was better with Cascade 220. Special Ale is good with many things, but we felt it paired best with Peace Fleece (which perhaps has hops in it too!). Black IPA goes well with alpaca. As one person said, Kayak Kosch was a “sparkly” beer, so it went well with something along the novelty line. What are your thoughts?

We had so much fun on Friday! Don’t miss out on next month’s Beer Tasting Knit Night with the Bent Paddle Brewing Company on July 26.

*Picture courtesy of Christina H.


On Our Needles: Katie’s Aranami Shawl

June 10, 2013

Aranami Shawl with Pattern and Rest of Yarn

The construction of the Aramami Shawl fascinated me and promptly went into my queue… where it has stayed untouched. But seeing the hard copy of the pattern in the store and a weekend of travel prompted me to start! I’m using Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, with the colors varying from off-white to gray to black.

The construction and colors keep it interesting, but the pattern itself is easy enough to do while watching tv (specifically Miss Marple) or holding a conversation. Each motif (or wave) is knit by casting on and picking up stitches in this bottom-up shawl (I’m ignoring the ends right now). It looks like I’m knitting many triangles, but the rounded bottom edge is created when the bottom edge of the next motif is picked up.

I’m only on the fourth tier (out of ten) and I love it! I start a new color soon, so that will keep me motivated. Feel free to ask to see it if I’m in or check out the pattern near the front of the shop!


birds and other lovely things

June 1, 2013

Welcome home, little birds.


What is it about birds that has so charmed the human race? My family always dedicated a substantial corner of our yard to bird feeders, and everyone in our neighborhood had bird houses hanging from the side of their house, or their clotheslines. It seems silly to set out food and shelter for these rather self-sufficient creatures, and yet there is something so charming and familiar about birds. We want to draw them in.


You may not know this, but it has been scientifically proven through several double blind objective studies that felted bird houses are the absolute cutest kind of birdhouses. They’re awfully easy to make, the bottom of the house being nothing more than a garter stitch tube, and the top being no more difficult than the top of a hat. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump into June with this fun Felt-It project. Remember, if you completed last month’s Felt-It project, to please bring in your finished flower to show us and receive ten percent off the materials for this month.

We are also very lucky to have a lovely trunk show from Hill Country Weavers.


Oh my, if that skirt isn’t just everything.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Some truly adorable cell phone cases. We suppose you could easily convert these into finger puppets!





The show is generally scrumptious. We would be lying if we said we haven’t though about trying anything on. Come in to see it for yourself and get inspired!

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